It's simple: we offer superior face-to-face Oral Interpreting and impeccable Document Translation for healthcare, social service, business, and law clients.

Assuring compliance, protecting liability, communicating concepts

We assist law, business, healthcare, and social service clients in providing equal language access for patrons, patients, and personnel. We are pleased to work with your team in any capacity to ensure your organization's compliance with Title VI laws, protect against liability, and faithfully and correctly transmit your message.

Our high standards: Important to us, crucial to your business

It is a vital element of our mission to provide you with precise, responsive, and professional service. One way we do this is by implementing the National Standards of Practice for Interpreters and Translators and upholding our profession's Code of Ethics.  We are not just people who speak two languages; we are experienced professionals who have been trained and tested in interpretation, translation and cultural competency. In short, we ensure that your message is culturally appropriate and accurately and completely transmitted, and we always uphold the ethics of your organization.

Our Specialty

Medical interpreting is our specialty. We provide qualified, face-to-face medical interpreters in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, Japanese, Lingala, Nepali, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Ukrainian. We perform document translation for our established clients in all languages.

Just as physicians specialize, interpreters and translators specialize in the vocabulary of specific fields. As one of the best trainers told us, a neurosurgeon would be lost in an auto-mechanic shop, and vice-versa. Thus, we do not send medical interpreters to interpret for financial business meetings; and we do not assign translators specializing in engineering vocabulary to translate social service manuals. We ensure that the expertise of the linguist working with your project corresponds to your company's industry.

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