How to Share Your Language Access Plan Within Your Organization

Healthcare team discusses language access plan

Once you’ve taken the time to create or improve a language access plan (LAP) with all its moving parts, your leadership will be eager to share and implement it—and rightly so. This document or set of documents will guide those who work in your facilities in handling encounters with patients who require language access. You can share your new LAP in various ways. We’ll walk you through the options we recommend so your plan is implemented properly and consistently by everyone who comes into contact with patients with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Who Should You Share Your Language Plan With?

It is key to share your LAP with everyone in your organization who works with patients with LEP—whether in the parking garage, the lab, reception areas, or exam rooms. Every employee who has encounters with patients should be aware of the plan and how they fit into it, how they can provide language access to patients with LEP, and any protocols that need to be followed.

Once your LAP is ready, or when updated (say, once a year), you can share the plan with: 

  • New hires as part of their orientation process
  • Specific departments that tend to serve LEP populations 
  • Clinic managers and department heads
  • Reception and management staff
  • Leadership in all areas of your organization

Make sure your plan is received and re-share it more often with those departments or clinics that experience the highest volume of LEP patient encounters. Key personnel need to be aware of the plan and able to ask questions and receive answers about it. This way, everyone is on the same page, and consistency and quality can be maintained.

How Should You Distribute Your Language Access Plan? 

There are several ways to distribute and share your language access plan with the people in your organization. You could do so via:

  • A searchable document that is easily accessible to all employees in a portal
  • A visual presentation offered at annual orientations and compliance trainings
  • Infographics that are easy to access via a poster or digital version that can be emailed/passed along and printed easily, as needed
  • Training modules for new hires 
  • Lunch-and-learn style settings with a trusted language services partner present to answer questions related to the language services you provide

Your LAP should be re-shared at least once a year with everyone in your organization who engages with LEP patients and families. When you make any significant updates, share the plan again. Make sure to mark your plan with the version number or date so everyone knows whether they have the most up-to-date document.

Follow Up and Tweak Your Plan Over Time

Once you distribute your LAP, follow up with others in your organization to see if there are any questions or concerns. Invite them to offer feedback on the plan. This allows those who are expected to use and follow it to buy into the plan and have their voices heard as well.

Distributing your language access plan to your organization is perhaps the most important part of the implementation process. Everyone needs to be on the same page and know how to execute the plan consistently. If you find this is not the case, take some time to meet with key stakeholders to discuss ways to work on the plan and the processes or protocols in place so it can be implemented successfully.

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