We're always happy to hear from excellent medical interpreters!

If you've completed a 40-hour medical interpreter training course and possess superior fluency in English and one of the languages mentioned below, we want to hear from you! Just so you know, we hire interpreters exclusively as employees; no independent contractors.

Please e-mail us your résumé to the blue address above (don't use contact form) and tell us the following:

  • Have you completed 'Bridging the Gap' 40-hour medical interpreter training or another 40-hour interpreter training course?
  • How long do you plan to reside in the Lexington, KY area?
  • What are your available working hours?
  • How many hours per week are you interested in working? (min. and max.)
  • Superior proficiency in English and your target language are required. We'll have you take oral language tests.
  • Do you have copies of your immunizations? If not, please begin looking for your records.

We are looking to hire trained, experienced medical interpreters in the Lexington, KY area for the following languages:

Chinese (Mandarin), French, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Japanese, Nepali, Spanish, Swahili medical interpreters widely available during weekdays.

The best of the best: how we evaluate and select our team

We carefully evaluate the skills, experience, and training of interpreter applicants to ensure they possess the superior language proficiency, appropriate area of expertise, and highest ethical practices necessary to serve our clients well and best represent our company. Our interpreters' second-language proficiency is tested and double-rated at a minimum level of 'Advanced-Mid' by Language Testing International using the standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). We proudly implement the National Standards of Practice for interpreters and translators developed by the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare and the American Translators Association and uphold the Code of Ethics of our profession. Interpreters must then pass our in-agency exams on medical terminology and interpreter standards and ethics. Observation sessions with our experienced interpreters and hospital orientation classes are also required.