Quality, standards, ethics, integrity.

A lot more goes into our work than project management and multiple languages. Our mission, vision, and values set us apart from other agencies and providers.

Our Mission

As the leading professional oral language interpreting agency in Lexington, KY, Pure Language Services delivers value to those we serve by performing with the highest level of quality, adherence to standards of practice, uncompromising ethics, and unrelenting integrity.

Our Vision

At Pure Language Services, we embrace and value the people we encounter—from our clients to our team members and everyone we serve in the process of performing our work. We strive to build lasting relationships with every interaction. We care deeply about the work we do because of the difference it makes in the lives of those we serve.

Our Values

Pure Language Services and our employees have a commitment to:

Quality and Accuracy in the services we provide

Goodwill through our attitudes and actions

Integrity in everything we do

Excellence in our work as a team

When you work with Pure Language Services,
you know exactly what to expect.

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