Our team is your team.

Our diverse team is the core reason we are able to serve thousands of people every year, helping them communicate vital information with ease and confidence in a wide range of languages. When you call on us, we extend our team to yours.

Pure Language Administrators

Alli Weece
Operations Coordinator: Dispatch/Payroll

Alli manages daily operations as well as our Dispatch team. Her greatest strengths are keeping the Pure Language team organized and troubleshooting just about any problem that comes our way. In her free time, Alli enjoys hiking with her family, watching musicals, and baking.

John Reynierson
Operations Coordinator: Scheduling/Assignments

John is an Operations Coordinator and manages our Scheduling. He is masterful at maneuvering the logistics of thousands of appointments each month for a staff of nearly 40 interpreters. When he’s not working, you can find John kayak fishing, playing disc golf, and making music.

Stephanie Lockman
Onboarding/Retention Specialist

Stephanie is our Onboarding and Retention Specialist. Her tasks include screening, testing, and onboarding new applicants and ensuring our team remains compliant with various requirements. When she’s not at her computer, Stephanie enjoys reading the latest in her favorite fantasy series and spending time with her husband and two children.

Bridgette Chevuru
LLD Scheduler

Bridgette schedules non-Spanish appointments for Pure Language. She is a team player with great communication skills, always doing her best to ensure an interpreter for every appointment possible. When Bridgette isn’t working, she’s busy finding ideas on Pinterest and then building, painting, and baking them, often with her own twist!

Kathy Kruer
Spanish Scheduler and Dispatcher

Kathy schedules Spanish appointments at Pure Language and also serves as a daytime/on-call Dispatcher. She is efficient and always ready to pitch in and help the team with a challenge. When she’s not scheduling our Spanish appointments, you can find Kathy traveling, spending time with her grandchildren, reading, and baking.

Alison Letfus
Post-Appointment Report Processor

Alison is in charge of our post-appointment interpreter report processing. Her role is vital to ensuring our on-site interpreting operations run smoothly. When Alison isn’t processing reports for Pure Language, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, downhill skiing, and tucking into a good book.

Mia Conner

Mia is a morning Dispatcher for Pure Language. Her calm and pleasant demeanor and willingness to help every customer who calls means you’ll be in excellent hands. When she’s not at work, you can find her volunteering, going to the beach, or spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Beth Storm

Beth is an administrative assistant for Pure Language. She has a knack for solving problems and an attention to detail, which she brings to the company after many years of experience in customer service. When Beth isn’t helping our customers, she enjoys cooking, music, playing cards, and wood burning.

Alison Kerr
Scheduler and Onboarding Support Specialist

Alison is a French interpreter for Pure Language and also assists with Spanish scheduling and onboarding new interpreters. She is a founding member of the Lexington Writer’s Room, a non-profit co-working space for active writers. In her free time, she loves reading, writing, and spending time with family.


Paola Wilkinson
Interpreting Team Manager

Paola is a Spanish medical interpreter with more than 10 years of experience working as an interpreter. Her role is vital to ensuring the success of our interpreters’ engagement with clients and the limited English proficient (LEP) populations we serve. When Paola’s not interpreting or managing our Interpreting Team, she enjoys volunteering for her congregation, dancing, CrossFit, and spending time with friends and family.