Pure Language Partners With The Refuge Clinic of Lexington

In an effort to support the local Lexington community with limited English proficiency (LEP), Pure Language recently partnered with The Refuge Clinic of Lexington. The local clinic offers a range of primary medical, dental, and behavioral care services in Fayette and Jessamine Counties to low-income and no-income community members who are underinsured or uninsured, including LEP patients. Around 100 active volunteer professionals and a small paid staff offer services at its two clinics in Lexington and Nicholasville.

The Refuge Clinic sees adult patients by appointment at its clinics and refers patients to local area clinics and providers it partners with throughout the two counties. The clinic is designed and outfitted for the providers’ medical, dental, and behavioral health services. All of the medical providers, nurses, dental providers, medical and dental assistants, dental hygienists, oral surgeons, transportation drivers, front desk staff, social workers/patient advocates, and spiritual care professionals who work at The Refuge Clinic are volunteers, and services are provided five days a week.

Serving a diverse population of patients comes with the challenge of communicating across languages. The Refuge Clinic serves patients in various languages, including Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and Swahili. Pure Language wanted to give back to the Lexington community by offering translation services to a deserving organization providing meaningful services to LEP patients. That’s when we teamed up with The Refuge Clinic to provide Spanish and French document translation for the two largest populations they see.

We worked with the clinic to determine which documents were most needed by the patients they see. We then assigned the project to our specialized medical translation teams in French and Spanish to provide translations of the clinic’s consent forms, appointment letters, registration forms, medical and dental resources, and post-op instructions, some of the most important information patients need when receiving medical and dental care.

When asked what it means to have documents in French and Spanish that patients can use and understand, Rachel, the Patient & Community Advocate at The Refuge Clinic, shared, “This makes a critical difference for our LEP patients. These documents allow the patient to have something to reference when they go home and might forget the exact conversation. Having access to this information in their own language allows patients to understand their health care better and feel better equipped when they arrive at the clinic.”

Lexington’s Spanish- and French-speaking populations have grown significantly in the last ten years, especially those originating from Spanish-speaking Latin American and French-speaking African countries. Meaningful access to quality healthcare and language services makes all the difference for members of these communities who may otherwise not have the resources they need to communicate effectively and live healthier lives in their new communities. “It allows us to continue to serve patients well, make them feel valued and seen and shows patients that they are welcome here. We aim to be a safe place and to make everyone feel loved and understood. Having our documents translated into other languages has allowed us to do that! It has truly been such a blessing,” said Kate, Administrative Services Coordinator at The Refuge Clinic.

Pure Language is proud to partner with The Refuge Clinic to offer these services to the French- and Spanish-speaking patients it serves. We support their excellent work and look forward to seeing what the volunteers and staff at The Refuge Clinic do next!

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